The 57-year-old WWE legend will finally return after two years to face Roman Reigns

Its a well known fact that individuals from Roman Rules’ Bloodline group have had different contentions with one another in WWE. Indeed, even now, there seems, by all accounts, to be a few contact among Rules and The Usos. In view of that, could the amazing Rikishi — Jimmy and Jey Uso’s dad — participate in the storyline eventually?

While the 57-year-old has been resigned for some time, he is as yet a piece of the business in a non-wrestling limit. Rikishi’s last WWE appearance came in November 2020, during The Funeral director’s retirement function at Survivor Series. Should the WWE Lobby of Famer return, it would appear to be legit to set him in opposition to Rules.

A significant part of The Bloodline’s ongoing run is that The Clan leader has The Usos immovably powerless to resist him. As a component of the story, Sami Zayn — a previous individual from the group — has over and over urged Jey Uso to break liberated from Roman Rules’ manipulative ways. Jey is yet to fight back, in spite of the relative multitude of clues recommending that he furtively concurs with Zayn.

Enter Rikishi.

In a storyline about bloodlines, Jimmy and Jey’s dad ought to persuade them to go out on a limb and leave the group. While the twins as of now appear to be on this way, Rikishi could provoke them to pull the trigger at last.

A showdown among Rikishi and Roman Rules would be an interesting situation in the midst of The Bloodline’s likely defeat. The WWE legend doesn’t need to return for a match, as Jimmy and Jey Uso could take on this conflict for him.

Where all the show leaves Solo Sikoa — additionally Rikishi’s child — would be one more interesting storyline chance to investigate.

WWE Lobby of Famer Rikishi has condemned Roman Reigns’ Bloodline group before
At Regal Thunder 2023, WWE at long last pulled off Sami Zayn’s takeoff from The Bloodline. After the occasion, Rikishi scrutinized his family’s activities — in character — as the Canadian star had experienced a beatdown by a portion of the group individuals, drove by Roman Rules.

The Corridor of Famer offered his viewpoints about the point on Sony Sports Organization’s Extraaa Dhamaal show in January:

“It all makes sense to me. It’s a family, it’s The Bloodline, we safeguard ourselves. We do what we do in proficient wrestling.” Rikishi proceeded, “Yet by the day’s end, I can nearly say in the wake of watching this, I was debilitated to my stomach to have the option to see these kinds of activities unfurl.” [0:57 – 1:17]

There is sufficient justification behind WWE to book a Rikishi return, regardless of whether it bring about any in-ring activity for the expert wrestling legend. Strangely, reports have proposed that he should show up on screen for a major section recently.

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