The Legend (Exclusive) Says Another WWE Star Will Win The Title From Roman Reigns Before Cody Rhodes Wins The Title Next Year

Cody Rhodes still can’t seem to follow through on his guarantee to come out on top for the Undisputed Big showdown, and Dutch Mantell figures WWE might be “occupied” on The American Bad dream storyline. Rhodes fans were clamoring for him to go into WrestleMania 39, however WWE actually chose to take out Roman Reigns … Read more

“He’s Heading To Judgment Day” – Fans React To Rumors Of Triple H Big Push For Former Champion To Join Raw

Day of atonement might have another part after the WWE Draft and fans are amped up for it. WWE’s Main Substance Official, Triple H is known for watching out for ability. Their new draft pick from NXT to Crude, JD McDonagh, previously known as Jordan Devlin, demonstrates he actually has the stuff to distinguish a … Read more

Roman Reigns’ rivals shouldn’t have made it to WWE Raw, according to a veteran

Veteran wrestling booker and director Dutch Mantell has his contemplations on Roman Rules’ opponents Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn moving to WWE Crude. Recently, Rules crushed Owens and Zayn at the Imperial Thunder and Disposal Chamber, individually, to hold the undisputed WWE Widespread Title. The Canadian pair will collaborate with Matt Conundrum to confront individual … Read more