The best and worst of WWE Draft 2023 Night 1: 40-year-old “Megastar” finally getting a big singles push on SmackDown, Triple H makes a controversial decision with 3 champions

Welcome to the version of Best and Most obviously terrible of WWE Draft 2023 Night 1/SmackDown. Friday Night saw the first of two episodes principally centered around the WWE Draft 2023, and a few tremendous changes were made.

It seems like brand trades are occurring left, right, and focus, and that might be something to be thankful for – contingent upon who you inquire. Shinsuke Nakamura authoritatively changed brands to Crude, while Bobby Lashley moved to SmackDown, denoting whenever that first either has changed brands beginning around 2017 and 2018.

Attracted McIntyre going to Crude is likewise an enormous lift, however there was something beyond that – so we should get directly into the high points and low points without burning through much time.

LA Knight has been getting increasingly big responses as time passes, exemplified in the WWE Draft 2023 Night 1 episode of SmackDown. The 40-year-old “megastar” emerged to a gigantic pop and had Corpus Christi – a famously quiet group revitalizing behind him.

Fortunately, he crushed Butch/Pete Dunne of The Fighting Beasts, and it was a gigantic sign that WWE is wanting to at last give him a singles push in the midst of tales that he is in the rushing to become Mr. Cash in the Bank 2023.

We can’t affirm that it was Triple H’s choice, yet assuming it was, it wasn’t great. It could ostensibly try and be depicted however dubious as it seemed to be declared by Shawn Michaels that NXT Ladies’ Label Group Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Day break would be moving to SmackDown.

Street Homeboy even cunningly referred to the scandalous “I lost my grin” promotion from Shawn Michaels when he reported that NXT Ladies’ Top dog Indi Hartwell would be drafted to Crude. Those were the main NXT call-ups on the principal evening of the WWE Draft 2023.

It appears to be a horrendous choice to strip NXT of three bosses during a period when the brand isn’t that hot in the first place. Try not to be astonished assuming Katana Possibility and Kayden Carter depose the NXT Ladies’ Label Group Support this Tuesday.

Best: The Return of AJ Styles


It was declared in the third round of the WWE Draft 2023 that AJ Styles and the remainder of The O.C. would be drafted to SmackDown. Styles hasn’t been around for a very long time and made a victorious profit from SmackDown this week alongside Luke Hangman’s tree, Karl Anderson, and “Michin” Mia Yim.

We feel Mia Yim has been constrained into the group as she doesn’t appear to be a genuine fit. It’s anything but a thump on her – yet something about seeing her in The O.C. doesn’t appear to click all things considered.

One way or another, we want to believe that she gets raised all the while and that The O.C. has a superb and prevailing sudden spike in demand for SmackDown.

Worst: Ending Bianca Belair’s title reign with a swap


Crude Ladies’ Boss Bianca Belair was obviously a first-round pick and the principal lady on the whole WWE program to get drafted. In any case, it was somewhat of a shock when it was reported that the Crude Ladies’ Boss was moving to SmackDown in the WWE Draft 2023.

It hasn’t been affirmed, yet Bianca Belair said she can hardly hold back to be SmackDown Ladies’ Hero. Rhea Ripley is unavoidably going to get drafted into the red brand. We feel like a title trade is the laziest method for finishing Belair’s drawn out run as Crude Ladies’ Boss.

We find it hard to envision that IYO SKY would depose her and take the title to SmackDown since Harm CTRL has been shipped off the blue brand.

1. Best: An epic main event rematch on SmackDown


The Usos confronted Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a rematch from WrestleMania 39 Night 1, which conveyed true to form. There was an enormous development to the match on the episode – from the showdown after cycle one of the WWE Draft 2023 to the strain behind the stage.

Roman Rules basically requested Independent Sikoa (by means of Paul Heyman) to take out The Usos assuming they neglected to catch the titles – or possibly that was suggested.

It was done splendidly and inconspicuously, with Heyman being an expert at not making The Usos see it coming. Solo Sikoa looked prepared to take out The Usos on the off chance that they lost, yet Matt Question thwarted his arrangement and started to go after him while Sami Zayn again got the success – this time with a pin over Jimmy Uso.

Generally, it was a phenomenal episode and finish to Night One of the WWE Draft 2023.

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