Paul Heyman is interrupted by the 36 year old WWE Superstar; Sets up a big match against a member of Bloodline

Seth Rollins intrudes on Paul Heyman during a promotion for the most recent episode of Crude. Nonetheless, Solo Sequoia came to his guide as a gigantic match was set up.

The Bloodline versus Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and Matt Question is set to happen this Saturday, May 6. The fate of Bloodline is a secret, particularly with strains ascending between Roman Rules and The Usos.

On the most recent episode of Crude, The Astute Man went ringside to discuss The Bloodline’s forthcoming six-man label group match at Reaction after the main round of the WWE Draft. He additionally tended to the awful outcome for The Usos in their Label Group Title rematch on SmackDown last Friday.


Nonetheless, Seth ‘Cracking Rollins intruded on Heyman in the promotion to call attention to how Roman Rules doesn’t need to take off from him now that they’re on various brands. He made sense of how he planned to bring home the new World Heavyweight Title Around evening time of Champions.

Heyman then pardoned himself to settle on a telephone decision, yet the pressed house inside the field started singing Rollins’ signature tune, provoking Heyman to go after him. Following his call with The Clan leader, The Savvy Man declared that Seth Rollins would go head to head against Solo Sequoia this evening in Forward Worth.

The fans are anxious to witness what will when these two whizzes face each other on Monday Night Crude.

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