Veterans want WWE to introduce new championship for Dominik Mysterio (EXCLUSIVE)

Senior wrestling columnist Bill Apter as of late tested out a thought for WWE to begin another title completely for Dominik Mysterio.

Its an obvious fact that Dominik has become perhaps of the greatest heel in the business today. At the point when miscreants are many times booed by the fans, the 26-year-old is exposed to steady booing from the live group at whatever point he enters the ring. Under a year prior, he battled to hit home for crowds.

Notwithstanding, since his inclusion at Day of atonement and particularly on account of his fight with his dad Rey Mysterio, Dominik has established his place as the principal eventer representing things to come. On Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Unscripted, Bill Apter said that WWE ought to remunerate Dominik by presenting a “Mysterio Title”.

“I couldn’t want anything more than to see them make a belt for Dominik. The Mysterio Title. He is the ruler of the Mysterios,” said Apter. (19:36 – 19:44)
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Vince Russo thinks Dominik Mysterio has been a gift for WWE Crude
The most recent episode of WWE Crude again saw the group’s hatred for Dominik Mysterio. The fans started booing the Day of atonement part when he got the mic.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Army of Crude, Vince Russo expressed that it isn’t not difficult to keep up with the degree of heel heat produced by Dominik. He added that quite possibly the boo may not be “100 percent legitimate”.


“For what reason do I feel like this – I’ve been before many groups in my day to day existence when individuals had gigantic, enormous, huge intensity. Sibling, you actually can’t endure that degree of intensity for a really long time. I was off-base. Was. Could. Has been, yet I don’t believe it’s a 100 percent credible intensity,” Russo said.

Since Rey and Dominik Mysterio split during Draft 2023, the 26-year-old gets an opportunity to be engaged with another quarrel on Crude later on.

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