“We Need This” – The WWE Universe Wants Popular Bloodline Member To Return To His Former Character Amid Recent Tensions Within The Faction

Yet again the WWE Universe believes well known Bloodline part Jey Uso should get back to his ‘Headliner J’ character.

The circumstance inside Roman Rules’ group deteriorated after he lost the Undisputed WWE Label Group Title to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 39.

Yet again on SmackDown, the two label groups went head to head in a title rematch, and Jimmy and Jay were crushed. This could prompt further strain inside The Bloodline.

Fans presently believe that Jai should get back to his old structure and challenge Roman Rules for the title. The two stablemates had battled in singles matches a couple of years sooner.

Roman Rules’ next title protection is yet to be affirmed. Once more nonetheless, according to reports, there are high possibilities of him confronting Cody Rhodes at The Most excellent Phase of All.

Wrestling legend Dutch Shelf remarked on the chance of a rematch among Rhodes and Rules. Talking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, Mantle said:

“See the thing about booking, even in the days of yore, you couldn’t simply book for the following week, you needed to book for the following month. You generally book three weeks ahead of time. WWE 3 or 4 months prior With the books and WrestleMania, they’re arranging it now. All in all, it’s not written in stone, however they fundamentally understand what the headliner is. At any rate, that is all they need to do. Men’s headliner occasion and the ladies’ headliner.
For the present, it is not yet clear how the show inside The Bloodline will unfurl and whether The Usos will stay faithful to the top of the table.

Should Jey Uso turn on Roman Reigns soon? Sound off in the remarks.

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