WWE legends on the best picks for SmackDown in the draft, including Roman Reigns and current champions (EXCLUSIVE)

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell has remarked on which Genius was the best pick for SmackDown in the 2023 WWE Draft separated from Roman Rules and Bianca Belair.

Undisputed WWE All inclusive Hero Roman Rules and Crude Ladies’ Boss Bianca Belair were both drafted to the blue brand last Friday night. EST’s re-visitation of WWE’s SmackDown shocked many, as she is the Red Brand Champion.

Talking on the most recent release of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell named a few grapplers during the draft who he believes were extraordinary picks for SmackDown.

“Indeed, they had a few very great picks other than Roman and Bianca. Indeed, I don’t think Montez [Ford] is a terrible decision. What’s more, I think Lashley and AJ [Styles] were great picks. Furthermore, Bayley. I believe they’re great decisions out there so I believe they’re a bit – – neither of them are anyplace near the drawing force of Roman or Cody. [55:00 – 57:00]

Roman Rules responds on Twitter subsequent to being drafted to WWE SmackDown
The clan leader was the best option in the whole draft. Since he stays on the blue brand, it implies that the Undisputed WWE All inclusive Title will be selective to SmackDown. Consequently, the as of late uncovered World Heavyweight Title will be selective to Crude.

Roman Rules tweeted three words in the wake of being drafted and said that he is number one in all things. The top of the table could protect their title Around evening time of Champions in Saudi Arabia. It will be intriguing to see who will be his challenger close to the 1000 days mark.

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