When WWE’s Roman Reigns talked about possibly going bald

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has sported long hair since his debut in the company. Over the past decade, the tribal chief’s hair has been praised by many fans and superstars.

During an interview with Sam Roberts in 2014, Reigns revealed that he was always afraid of his hair falling out while fighting in the ring.

“People think I’ll put so much time into it, but as our hair gets more messy like being out and about and splashing around and on the mat people are pulling your hair out all the time. Like yeah, I’m so scared Looks, you know it’s just going to pass, and then it’s like, ‘What do I have now?’ You know what I mean? (…) What good is it to be bald like Roman Reigns?” Reign said. [4:17 to 4:44]
The leader of The Bloodline also addressed the possibility of going bald.

“I don’t want to shock myself, but I don’t even think as an old man, my dad has hair growing on his ears. Yeah, like he never lost any hair, but now it’s falling on his ears ” Stayed. I think my hair will still grow. This is expected not to happen. Hopefully, I’ll just keep this position. [Are you happy with the level of the hair right now?] You know, I have a little bit of hair like up here [points to his head] and then really nothing… not so much hair everywhere . Hairy chest and back, no good,” he said. [4:50 to 5:18]
Watch the full interview below:

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Roman Reigns was recently drafted to WWE SmackDown
Last month, Roman Reigns earned himself an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 39 against 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes. Despite the efforts of the American Nightmare, the tribal chiefs emerged victorious after the intervention of Solo Sequoia.

Since Triple H introduced a new World Heavyweight Championship on Raw, Reigns’ title is now exclusive to SmackDown. The leader of The Bloodline was drafted to the blue brand last Friday along with Solo Sequoia and Paul Heyman.

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