“He’s A Bully” – Matt Riddle Targets A Bloodline Member Ahead Of WWE Backlash

Matt Question conceded that an individual from The Bloodline is a headache for him and called him a harasser in front of this Saturday’s WWE Backfire.

He as of late gotten back to WWE TV in the wake of missing a merciless assault on Crude last December by Solo Sequoia. The First Brother will group with Undisputed Label Group Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to confront The Bloodline’s Independent Sequoia and The Usos in a 6-man label group match at PLE.

Talking on WWE’s The Knock, Matt Question examined The Bloodline’s independent Sequoia. He called the Master a domineering jerk and guaranteed he was a persistent issue for him.

“Prior to he (Solo Sequoia) hurt me, I brought a few bongos and Jay was playing them, Jimmy played them somewhat, yet Solo didn’t play them. The man ain’t fun, he simply continues to pick ” The eyebrows And to top it all off, similar to I said, he’s a domineering jerk. He exploits individuals unexpectedly and he doesn’t follow the rules. It’s about sibling, sibling follows the rules, he plays hard, and plays hard however I follow the rules. Yet, that sort of places a persistent issue for me, yet by the day’s end I will beat this Saturday alone and I will get a monstrous grin. Matt Question.

WWE Genius Matt Conundrum calls The Bloodline a ‘lot of troublemaker’ in front of Backfire
Since his return in April, Matt Conundrum has joined Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in their fight against The Bloodline.

During his most recent meeting on WWE’s The Knock, Matt Enigma alluded to The Bloodline collectively of menaces and featured how they like to move away when Geniuses are gone after.

“With The Bloodline, these individuals, by the day’s end, and I realize we express that about others, yet the Bloodline are a lot of troublemakers who in a real sense attempt to single out individuals and when they’re We should kill them – that is the very thing that they did when I confronted Performance (Sikoa) in that no DQ (match), and how Solo was attempting to manage Sami and Kevin when they confronted The Usos, Matt Puzzle said.

The 37-year-old will get one more opportunity for vengeance against Solo Sequoia and The Bloodline this Saturday at Backfire. It will be fascinating to see what Enigma’s future holds after the WWE draft, as The Bloodline stays on SmackDown, and Matt remaining parts on Crude.

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